Brigid ingen Crimthann

Princess of Laigin


Daughter of King Crimthann, the ruler of Laigin, Brigid has been married three times and has been thrice widowed. Each of her husbands has died within hours of wedding her and by violence (although, to be fair, they all brought it on themselves), a fact that has caused many in her father’s court, including her, to believe she is cursed. As a result, she has effect withdrawn from the public eye and remains in seclusion unless duty requires her presence. Seeking out a druid to advise her, she learned that a dead man would come with the waves for her and that she must give him the breath of life. This man she will fall in love with at first sight, though she knows not if he will return her feelings. At first, she thought this ridiculous…

And then, she found Marcus, washed up on the shore.

All of this is a secret, however, and she has found herself betrothed to Chief Owain of Rhos…

Strangely, she bears an uncanny resemblance to Caitlin verch Odgar

Brigid ingen Crimthann

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