Rhosyn verch Titus


Daughter of Lord Titus Iulius, a Romano-Breton lord, and Lady Rhiannon verch Ioan, sister to Caddell ap Ioan. Her elder brother, Heddwyn, was often away due to his druid training but when he was present, he treated her well despite the near ten year difference in ages.

In mid-455, Lady Rhiannon died and very soon after, it was discovered that Heddwyn real father was a man named Idris. This did not sit well with Lord Titus who promptly disinherited the druid. Had Rhosyn not been the spitting image of her mother, Lord Titus might have done the same for her. Instead, he promised her to one of his soldiers which was far from a prestigious marriage. The wedding was not to happen, however, as Lord Titus somehow managed to anger King Meurig, which resulted in a royal command to relocate to the eastern borders of Gwent.

In 458, Saecsen tribes resumed their attacks all along the eastern reaches. Caught unprepared for this onslaught, the lands of Lord Titus fell overnight and Rhosyn was captured by an Saecsen thegn named Cuthgeat. Having witnessed the deaths of her father, her husband and her newborn child, Rhosyn fought back which is no doubt what caught the Saecsen’s eye although her beauty no doubt played a part as well.

For the next four, almost five years, Rhosyn was a captive to Cuthgeat. She learned how to survive, how to fight and how to kill. At no time did she lose her hatred for the Saecsen, even though Cuthgeat gave her the name of Iðunn, after the name of a Saecsen goddess. Instead, she bided her time and even gave birth to a son that Cuthgeat named Cyneric (although Rhosyn secretly named him Mihangel in the Cymric way.) This child, the seiðr prophesied, had a grand destiny ahead of him as the skeins of his life had been woven by Woden himself.

In time, Cuthgeat grew careless and mistakenly believed that his “Iðunn” had finally acclimated to her new life but in the moment he and his warriors stopped watching her, she acted. Three men she slew that night to make good her escape and, had she not taken her son with her, Cuthgeat might have simply laughed this off with his men but, having heard of the child’s future greatness, he is obsessed with recovering the child.

Rhosyn fled westward, then to the north, doing whatever was necessary to locate the one person she knew that she could trust: her brother, Heddwyn.

Rhosyn verch Titus

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