The Erlking

Lord of the Goblins


The Erlking is a hunter spirit associated with primal violence. He isn’t part of the Winter Court or the Summer Court, defining him as a wyldfae.

The Erlking holds dominion over the spirits of fallen hunters, the energy of the hunt: excitement, hunger and bloodlust. He can call those spirits in the forms of great black hounds, then ride the winds and forests of the Wild Hunt. He carries great power as he does this.

The Erlking is devious, cunning, strong, and swift. He was not an evil being, he was a “force of nature, power and violence without conscience or restraint.” Regarding children’s deaths, the various tales say he either: preys on children, heralds their deaths, or he’s a guardian making sure the souls of children aren’t harmed or diverted as they leave their bodies.

Some say he’s among the top faerie nobles other say he’s equal to the Faerie Queens. He is one of the beings who can call up the Wild Hunt (a gathering of the more predatory beings of Faerie).

Some say he is about equal in power to the Winter Queen: the Erlking is to Goblins what the Queen is to the Sidhe—he’s their ruler.

The Erlking

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