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  • Lord Berthgwyn ap Selyf

    Manor lord and vassal to [[:owain-ap-edern | Owain]], Lord Berthgwyn also serves as the barony's Spymaster. He was slain on 27 September, 457, during the coup against Chief Owain.

  • Lord Brochfael ap Gwriad

    Manor lord and vassal to [[:owain-ap-edern | Owain]], Lord Brochfael (who is new to his position, following his father's passing during the winter of 456) also serves as the barony's Marshal. He was slain by the Beast in March 457.

  • Lord Rhodri ap Neithon

    Manor lord and vassal to Chief [[:owain-ap-edern | Owain]], Lord Rhodri also serves as the barony's Councilor. Rhodri was crucified by [[:aeronwen-verch-eus | Aeronwen]] on 30 September, 457.

  • Lord Serigi ap Cynan

    Manor lord and vassal to Chief [[:owain-ap-edern | Owain]], Lord Serigi previous served as the barony's Grand Diplomat until he was replaced by [[:heddwyn-ap-idris | Heddwyn ap Idris]]. He has yet to forgive the young druid for this. Lord Serigi was …

  • Quintus Severus

    Commander of a rogue Roman century, he is[[:marcus-caerloyw-glevum | Marcus's]] Enemy and will not stop until he has avenged himself upon the younger man. Severus is responsible for the sacking of both Caer Tarian and Vertis while the warriors were away …

  • Chief Caddell ap Ioan

    Name is pronounced KAH-thechh. Lord of Caer Tarian. Father of Bradán, Marcus and Meadhbh. General perception of him is that he's a good warrior, a poor horseman, an outspoken ally to Emrys Wledig (aka Ambrosius) and a fairweather Christian. An interesting …

  • Chief Edern ap Rhys

    Lord of Bryn Euryn, nominal liege lord of Caerhun. Father of [[:owain-ap-edern | Owain]] and [[:addiena-verch-edern | Addiena]]. In his youth, he was called 'The Generous' but in his dottage, he is referred to as the 'The Unlucky.' Baron Edern did not …

  • Caitlin verch Odgar

    Youngest daughter of Odgar ap Cuill she was generally considered to be the village "good girl" of Vertis and was a devout Christian. One halfway expected birds to dress her and flowers to have bloomed in her wake. Caitlin was murdered by Roman soldiers …

  • Father Cai

    Village priest for Vertis, he was killed on the morning of July 8, 456. Officially, the murderer is still at large but [[:simple-angus | Angus]] knows that he was actually slain by [[:siobhan-verch-odgar | Siobhan verch Odgar]] after she discovered he was …

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