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  • Lord Marcus Shield-Breaker

    Marcus Caerloyw Glevum is how he thinks of himself. He was recently elevated to Lordship by Chief [[:owain-ap-edern | Owain]]. Following the death of his elder brother on 31 October, 457, Marcus has also inherited the manor of Caerhun.

  • Quintus Severus

    Commander of a rogue Roman century, he is[[:marcus-caerloyw-glevum | Marcus's]] Enemy and will not stop until he has avenged himself upon the younger man. Severus is responsible for the sacking of both Caer Tarian and Vertis while the warriors were away …

  • Paulus Merdinus

    Born to a wealthy Romano-Breton family, Paulus Merdinus entered the Church at an early age and rose to the rank of bishop (thanks to the wealth he and his family had at their disposal.) Unfortunately, raiders overwhelmed his bishopric, leaving him without …

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