GURPS House Rules

This is a Celtic Fantasy/Low Tech/Camelot campaign set in the universe of the Dresden Files (albeit, with my own twists.) The following GURPS supplements will be the primary source materiel in terms of crunch:

  • GURPS: Camelot (3e)
  • GURPS: Core Basic Set (well duh.)
  • GURPS: Faerie (3e)
  • GURPS: Fantasy (with tweaks)
  • GURPS: Horror
  • GURPS: Low Tech
  • GURPS: Magic
  • GURPS: Martial Arts
  • GURPS: Thaumatology
  • GURPS: Thaumatology: Ritual Path Magic
  • GURPS: Thaumatology: Sorcery (new)

Most of the other GURPS books might have bits and pieces here and there as appropriate, and I’ll update this as appropriate.

Campaign Settings

  • Base TL is 2
  • Genre: Low Fantasy
  • Realism/Cinematic Level: Mostly Realistic (with increasingly Weird elements introduced over time.)
  • Starting Point Value for PCs: 150 with Disadvantage Limit: -75. This will be the case for newly introduced replacement characters as well.

Kingdom Building

We are also using the Pathfinder RPG Kingdom Building Rules with a few minor alterations:

  • Kingdom Roles have assigned skills and these are rolled before the Upkeep phase. I am using Jürgen Hubert’s rules found on the GURPS Forums for these checks.
  • D&D and Pathfinder are extraordinarily wealthy worlds and 450 AD Wales is not. To reflect this, we are making kingdom checks four times a year instead of monthly.

House Rules

Cannon Fodder: A more shaded version of this rule suits the action-movie bad-guy hierarchy. Bad guys do defend.

  • However, Mooks are defeated if injured at all – even a 1-HP gut punch will do. In this campaign, Mooks will generally be random bystanders who are not relevant to the story or are there to get critically injured by accident to ramp up the “drama!”
  • Rabble go down automatically at 0 HP. Almost always use “All-Out Attacks,” leaving them with no active defenses. Attack the torso only. No Deceptive Attacks or Rapid Strikes, and no Extra Effort.
  • Sergeants may make HT checks to avoid unconsciousness down to -HP, but then go down automatically. Can use any maneuver except Committed Attack, Defensive Attack, Evaluate, and Feint. Occasionally target non-torso locations, usually the arm or leg. Can make Deceptive Attacks or Rapid Strikes, but no Extra Effort.
  • Lieutenants use the same rules as the PCs, except for Extra Effort.
  • Champions can do anything a PC can do, including Extra Effort. Exchange the henchman/lieutenant and boss rules when the boss’ scary bodyguard is intended as the big combat challenge while the boss is a wimp. Defeated baddies who aren’t killed or knocked out cower, play dead, flee, or surrender.

New Advantages

New Disadvantages

Corruption Mechanic

Ritual Path Magic Grimoire

Sorcery Grimoire


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GURPS House Rules

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