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  • Mundane Status Quo

    “Rome is falling and long ago abandoned Prydain which is now is ablaze with petty rivalries between the various kingdoms even as the Saecsens invade from the east, the Scoti from the west, and the Picts from the north. The Celtic mysteries are fading like smoke in wind. All is in flux and the only thing a man can trust is his word and his blade.”

  • Supernatural Status Quo

    “It is still an age of mystery and terror. Eldritch things haunt the woods. Men and woman are said to run with wolves. Faeries abduct naughty children … or sometimes good children, one can never quite tell. Terrible beasts stalk the shadows and those who possess wisdom know when to hide … and when to fight for those beasts can die too, if a man’s courage and his steel holds.”

Factions and Power Groups

Prydain and Scoti Kingdoms

Gwynedd Cantrefs

Rules & Mechanics


I was greatly influenced by Dresden Files Dallas in terms of Look & Feel, especially the main Wiki page.

Main Page

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