The Picts

The Picts are a tribal confederation of peoples who lived in the very farthest reaches of northern Prydain. They are thought to have been ethnolinguistically Celtic. Where they lived and what their culture was like can be inferred from the geographical distribution of brochs, Brittonic place name elements, and Pictish stones. Picts are attested to in written records from before the Roman conquest of Britain. They lived to the north of the rivers Forth and Clyde, and spoke the now-extinct Pictish language, which is thought to have been related to the Brittonic language spoken by the Britons who lived to the south of them.

Picts are assumed to have been the descendants of the Caledonii and other tribes that were mentioned by Roman historians or on the world map of Ptolemy.

To most of the natives of southern Prydain, the Picts are considered barbarians, pure and simple, although this is very likely due to Roman biases and influence.

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The Picts

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