395 – Cunedda born to Ederyn.

410 – Roman legions withdraw from Prydain.

418 – Wortigernos ap Guortheneu, King of Powys, becomes High King. He is married to the daughter of former High King, Magnus Maximus, and has consider political backing thanks to his brother-in-law Eugenius holding ‘Mid-South Wales’ and descendants of another brother-in-law, Antonius, holding ‘South Wales.’ He relocates to the traditional territory of the high king, Dumnonia.

420 – Cunedda is exiled from his father’s lands Manaw Gododdin for daring to wed a lowborn instead of the noblewoman his father selected for him and travels south with his pregnant wife. She gives birth to twins, Einion and Ceredig, later this year.

*425 *- As Vortigern has gained the rank of High King, he devolves authority of his kingdom to his three sons: Vortimer (Gwerthefyriwg) becomes the first king of Gwent; Cadeyrn is the nominal king of Powys, and Pascent becomes king of Builth. The firstborn of King Ederyn of Manaw Gododdin dies in a riding accident. Cunedda returns from exile and is designated heir; because he is a dick, Ederyn does not allow Cunedda to acknowledge his two sons as legitimate (even though this barely means anything in their culture.)

429Artorius Aurelianus born. His father is Ambrosius elder brother, Uthyr, who dies of treachery later this year. At 14, Ambrosius steps into the role of elder brother/father figure for Artos.

436 – Ederyn dies of complications from an old war wound. Cunedda ascends to leadership of Manaw Gododdin.

438 – Einion ap Cunedda weds Prawst ferch Deithlyn. Their relationship will be a … difficult one.

439 – At 44, Cunedda has a torrid affair with the fiery 16-year old daughter of one of his allies (Gwawl ferch Coel) and she is soon with child. Rumors spread that she is actually a byblow of his father, Ederyn, and although there is no proof, the innuendo is enough to keep the Church from sanctioning a marriage. Meirion ap Cunedda is born late in the year. Also this year, Penarddun vech Einion is born.

441 - Scoti raiders capture capital of Powys and hold it, sending King Cadeyrn into hiding.

446 – The ‘Groans of the Britons’ – unsuccessful appeal by the Britons to the Roman Empire for aid against Saecsen raids.

447 – King Cadeyrn of Powys is killed during a battle with Scoti raiders. His son, Cadell, assumes the kingship.

449 – Germanic ‘invasion’ of Britain begins. To combat the barbarian invasion from the north (Picts, Scoti) as well as prevent further Saecsen incursions in the south, Vortigern pays the Saxon leader, Hengist, with land (Ceint) to act as a mercenary force. Hengist and his brother, Horsa, found Kent.

450 – Prawst verch Deithlyn dies in childbirth. Máire verch Einion survives her.

451 – High King Vortigern of Prydain invites Cunedda to relocate to North Wales to defend the region from Irish invasion, specifically the Uí Liatháin. Cunedda established himself in Wales, in the territory of the Venedoti, which would become the center of the petty kingdom (or duchy) of Gwynedd.

454 – High King Vortigern ceases paying Hengist’s Saxons.

455 – Battle of Aylesford. Jutes defeat Votigern’s Britons. Horsa slain.

456 – Campaign start. High King Vortigern has retreated to Dumnonia as his barons begin revolting under his rule. In August, the Treachery of the Long Knives transpires and Vortigern is captured by Saecsens. In late October, the children of Chief Caddell of Caer Tarian reach Bryn Euryn, far to the north in Gwynedd, where they resettle. The youngest of these sons, Marcus, is believed slain. Vermithrax Pejorative is unleashed upon the world once more.

457 – Marcus, son of Caddell, returns, seemingly from the dead. Word reaches Gwynedd that High King Vortigern has wed a Saecsen princess named Rowena. The kings of Gwent, Gwynedd, Powys and Rheged wage a war to unseat the high king for this treachery but, following the Battle of Crecganford in September, this alliance collapses. Soon after this battle, a civil war erupts within the cantrevi of Rhos – this conflict claims the lives of Chief Owain and most of the Rhos nobility, including Lord Bradán Ddidostur. In early November, King Cunedda marches into the cantref to re-establish peace.

458 – Einion Yrth ap Cunedda weds Lady Addiena verch Edern and assumes the position of Chief of Rhos. This causes a great deal of consternation between some of the other chiefs. In May, King Cunedda leads the whole of Gwynedd to retake Ynys Mon and Llyn. Early in the year, Meadhbh gives birth to Briadan verch Morgan.

459 – High King Vortigern is burnt to death while being besieged by a Romano-British force under Artorius Aurelianus at Ganarew.

460 – Early in the year, Lady Addiena gives birth to a son, Cadwallon. In October, Llyn and Ynys Mon are finally returned to Gwynedd control. King Cunedda’s secondborn son, Ceredig, dies during the war to retake Ynys Mon. His realm, Ceredigion, devolves into civil war.

462 – In Quintilis (August), Lady Addiena gives birth to another son, Owain, following a very difficult pregnancy.

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